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Make a Difference! Intern, Volunteer, or be a Campus Rep with

Here is the opportunity you have been looking for:

  • Make the world a better place. You can help nonprofits addressing the causes you care about capture some of the $250 billion Americans spend each year buying presents.
  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
  • Take a leadership role. Assume as much responsibility as you can handle.
  • Learn a tremendous amount.
  • Work with great people from around the world and have the best time.
  • Enhance your resume and get a glowing letter recommendation.
  • Work in our Manhattan office or remotely.
  • You will engage nonprofits, foundations, associations, thought leaders, media, social media, partners, and celebrities. You will help grow the movement to facilitate and encourage this type of meaningful giving.

Use your professional skills in any of these fields: strategy, partnerships, finance, communications, social media, graphics, research, community management, PR, HR, marketing, event management, organizing, and activism.

Focus on your favorite cause, including: Disaster Relief, Education, Housing, Human Rights, Hunger, Millennium Goals, Water, Community, Aging, Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Civil Society, Peace, Public Broadcast, Refugees, Veterans, Women, Environment, Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Environment, Global Warming, Health and Safety, Blindness & Vision, Cancer, Disabilities, Global Health, HIV/AIDS, Landmines, Medical Research, Mental Health, Population, Opportunity, Microcredit, Poverty Alleviation, Social Entrepreneurs, Technology, Catholic, Jewish, Religious, Churches, Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Indian, Chinese, etc.

Channeling New Funds to Nonprofits
While a million nonprofits desperately need more funding, Americans spend $250 billion a year on birthday, holiday, and other presents. A pioneering nonprofit, Heifer International, has shown that nonprofits can capture some of that money by making donations, given in a friend’s name, feel like a present. It works! They raise $115 million a year this way. Imagine how much more gift money could be captured by nonprofits addressing such popular causes, including your favorites. The challenge is that it is too daunting for most nonprofits to provide a gift-like experience: tangible donation opportunities, wish lists, gift registries, and personalized printed greeting cards.

This nonprofit site provides a gift-like experience so as to channel gift money to more than 400 leading nonprofits. The NY Times called it an “ of the nonprofit world.” We are now about to invite all million nonprofits to join the site. We are also providing each with their own private, charitable gift sites so they can send supporters without exposing them to other nonprofits. See a sample: Here are some of the causes we will focus on.

Your Leadership Role As an intern, volunteer, or campus rep, you will:

  • Make a tremendous positive impact on the causes you care about
  • Use your skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent
  • Assume responsibility
  • Learn a tremendous amount
  • Work with great people from around the Unites States and all over the world
  • Have a great time in a collaborative and supportive environment
  • Enhance your resume and get a great letter recommendation.

This is a great place to work. The atmosphere is energetic, creative, and fun. We value brainstorming, initiative, sharing, and collaborating. Think of it is a laboratory, studio, seminar, or incubator. We are also casual. We are interested in your brains, creativity and heart, rather than your attire. Want to work in jeans, t-shirt and flip-flops? That’s fine with us.

Who, Where, When

  • We are glad to hear from great high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as professionals who want to make the greatest impact with their skills.
  • Work at our New York City office or remotely. We are conveniently located at 7th Avenue and 33 Street, across from Penn Station in Manhattan.
  • Full-time or part-time, school-year or summer, day or evening, weekday or weekend. We are glad to have your help whenever you are available.

Learn More or Apply Now Are you ready for a great experience and eager to make a difference? Learn more at Send a resume and short cover letter (which should say if you will be here or remote, and when you would want to join us) to: ​ join [AT]