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Clear the Air

One stove for a family



Traditional cookstoves used in developing countries are inefficient in their use of fuel, contributing to deforestation and depleting families' income resources. They also emit large quantities of carbon dioxide dramatically increasing indoor air pollution and adversely affecting the respiratory health of those using them and those in the dwelling at the time of use.

The Gift

A fuel efficient cook stove that is proven to reduce firewood and charcoal use by 40%, increase fuel-related savings, and also reduce indoor air pollution dramatically improving the respiratory health of the women using them and their families. These stoves have a documented record of performance, saving a family a minimum of $35 annually in fuel costs, reducing charcoal consumption by 0.64 kg of charcoal per day or 233.6 kg of charcoal annually, saving 1.9 tons of wood a year, and substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions. For every 8 stoves donated a hectare of pristine forest is saved.