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Provide Clean Water

One tubewell



Access to sources of clean water for a family, school, orphanage, hospital or even an entire village in a developing country like Niger are most often too expensive and too labor intensive, severely hurting the health and well-being of children, the elderly and the very poor as they are forced to drink water from polluted sources. An affordable and local alternative called manual borehole drilling solves this problem by creating tubewells across Africa.

The Gift

Your donation of $400 makes ensures that one more tubewell will be dug by teams of local entrepreneurs (often a team leader and three to five young men) providing access to deep clean water, free of pollution while simultaneously creating local employment. What takes a major development organization many months and approximately $10,000 to do, your donation will accomplish with just $400 because your donation uses local, appropriate technology, efficient hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa. Each $400 tubewell will find water as deep as 100 feet, providing a family, school, orphanage or even an entire village with a source of living giving water, and contributes to achieving the Millenium Development Goals by 2015.