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Protect Wildlife

15 acres of land



Wildlife that stray from Yellowstone National Park to adjacent public lands face the risk of being destroyed by government agents who are required to protect ranchers' sheep and cattle. These wildlife that wander beyond park borders are either moved or killed. It's an outrage that these spectacular animals come second in one of the wildest areas in the lower 48 states. They are America's precious wildlife species and deserve protection.

The Gift

How you can help: Right now we have a special opportunity to purchase grazing privileges on four different allotments next to Yellowstone. It is vital that we are fully prepared to act with the proper funds on hand, the moment an agreement is reached.

The great news…it only costs $2 to adopt one wildlife acre. So for $30 you can protect wildlife on 15 full acres forever on one of these new allotments we hope to open up very soon! Please make a pledge today to help protect wildlife at Yellowstone National Park and throughout America.