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Fund Field Trips

Experiential learning



85% of our students qualify for the federal free and reduced meals program. 95% of our students are African American or Latino. Most of our students have never left the neighborhood in which they live. If we are going to help KIPP students climb the mountain to college, we need to provide them with life experiences that broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world at large.

The Gift

Your support of experiential learning provides our students with opportunities to expand their understanding of classroom lessons and to be exposed to facets of life beyond their neighborhood. Your gift makes it possible for KIPP students to visit museums, see a play, visit another part of their city or state, learn about jobs and the education necessary to perform them, explore colleges and universities and numerous other opportunities.

During the school year our students earn points for keeping up with their school work, showing respect, and being a good teammate to qualify for end of the year trips. These trips integrate learning activities and recreational activities including visits to colleges and universities. Your gift helps cover the accompanying costs for students who have earned the privilege of participating in the end of the year trip.