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Demand Dignity

Rights = Less Poverty



Every human has a right to be free from fear and free from want, and those rights are indivisible. Human rights abuses cause and perpetuate poverty and economic insecurity, and poverty leads straight back to such abuse. Over the next six years, the Demand Dignity Campaign will address a range of abuses. Here in the U.S. we will begin with violations of the right to health, especially maternal health, at home and abroad.

The Gift

Support Amnesty International as we initiate the biggest piece of research, campaigning and empowerment work in our history as part of the Demand Dignity campaign.

Building on 50 years of rigorous and impartial investigation into human rights abuses and successful lobbying of governments and the UN to improve international and domestic laws and demand accountability when they are broken, Amnesty will work to shift the power balance towards the poor themselves and to provide the space for them to tell their own stories and engage in the processes that determine their own future. With the Demand Dignity campaign, Amnesty begins to embody the holistic founding vision of human rights, as an organization that works toward both freedom from fear and freedom from want.

Join us in this effort by making a contribution to Amnesty's life-saving human rights work today.