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Hydrate A Village

10,000 tablets



Pure water, in many communities, is a valuable but often unattainable resource. Contaminated wells and streams deny communities potable water, which can lead to severe illness. This can easily be alleviated by providing water purification tablets (WPT) until a more sustainable solution can be found. WPTs are easy to use and can be readily distributed by aid workers, mothers, schools and hospitals.

The Gift

Giving the gift of clean water is greater than just giving someone a bottle of water. With a gift of $75, Operation USA will provide more than 10,000 water purification tablets to a community that is suffering from a high child mortality rate, a community that has just been struck by a disaster or a hospital that has run-out of pure water to give to patients or use in its own hygiene and sanitation programs.

Impure water is one of the leading causes of global infant mortality. If a mother uses contaminated water to wean her child or mix with baby formula, her child will likely become sick and possibly die. When disaster strikes, clean water is paramount to help prevent the spread of disease and care for the injured. Just a few easy-to-use water purification tablets can save lives.