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Rehabilitate Lives

One prosthetic limb



Many people in developing countries cannot afford even the most basic artificial limbs. Unfortunately, these same people are vulnerable to conditions that may result in loss of limbs; particularly they are victims of landmines, earthquakes or other disasters. As an amputee, many men and women have trouble providing for their families since employment capabilities are limited. In addition, self-esteem is lost and, in many cases, victims of amputation believe there is no hope for rehabilitation.

The Gift

Providing a physically impaired woman, man or child with the ability to regain movement is a gift with benefits beyond words. There is no cap on human potential and the gift of a prosthetic limb offers people the ability to lead an improved life. With their new limbs, people are able to undertake daily chores that they would otherwise be unable to perform. They can return to work, become self-employed, or take on new employment responsibilities previously not thought possible because of their disability.

A gift of $150 provides an amputee with a custom-made prosthetic, helping one to regain self-esteem, which in turn allows them to carry out activities as a contributing citizen of society.