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Rebuild Lives

One day peer mentoring



Losing a limb often means losing more than just a body part. Survivors often lose the things that matter most – their jobs, their health, their mobility, their self-confidence, and sometimes even their families. In many countries, people with disabilities are often ostracized by their communities or regarded as objects of pity. Survivors are led to believe that they have become useless. Most do not have access to proper medical care, employment opportunities, or any kind of support system.

The Gift

Your gift will support the work of an LSN Field Worker for a day. All Field Workers are people with disabilities themselves, and provide other survivors with crucial mentoring services. As survivors helping survivors, they serve as role models – providing living proof that people with disabilities can thrive and achieve their dreams. Field Workers also link survivors to healthcare, rehabilitation, additional social support, education about their rights, and opportunities for social and economic participation.

Peer mentoring transforms the lives of survivors and provides inspiration and resources for the journey to recovery. Field Workers play a pivotal role in the transition from victim to survivor to active citizen. Their work helps survivors, their families and their communities build a more secure future for thousands of men, women and children around the world.

It costs as little as $14 a day for Landmine Survivors Network staff members to help landmine victims get a leg, get a job and get on with their lives.