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Cut Pollution

Renewable energy credits



Climate change is a serious social issue, and addressing the threat requires a range of solutions. You may already conserve energy by using compact fluorescent lights in your home, recycle, purchase Energy Star appliances and drive a hybrid – but you are still only beginning to minimize your global warming footprint. We need to make a comprehensive shift to clean, affordable, renewable energy sources. Creating the infrastructure to support this shift will require serious investment.

The Gift

By donating to Clean Air–Cool Planet, you can offset 1000 pounds of carbon. The donation will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates from NativeEnergy, a Vermont company that provides incremental funding for wind, landfill gas and farm methane projects that might not otherwise be built. In addition to generating electricity without using fossil fuels, these projects help provide indigenous communities, small cities and towns and family farms not only with a new source of clean, affordable, dependable electricity, but in many situations an additional source of revenue helping to stimulate local economies. What’s more, your donation sends a strong message to the market and government leaders in support of renewable energy that it’s good for business and good for the planet!