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Educate Girls

Teacher for one month



Under the Taliban, education was prohibited for girls. Now, the hard-won right of simply attending school in Afghanistan for girls is becoming more and more difficult. Experts estimate that every day in Afghanistan a girls' school is destroyed or a teacher is murdered. Attacks have closed schools in several entire districts in Afghanistan -- nearly one-third of all districts have no schools.

The Gift

We cannot allow the destruction of women and girls' education to continue, with education so crucial to long-term empowerment. The Feminist Majority Foundation is working to keep Afghan girls' schools open, as well as to reopen those schools that have been closed. We must do all we can to ensure that the rights of Afghan women and girls do not slip away again.

Your donation of $60 will pay the salary of a teacher in Afghanistan for one month. Without teachers, who are being targeted by extremists in Afghanistan, the right for girls to go to school is meaningless.