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Fight Corruption

One hour of work



TI-USA contributes to the development of tools which help the private sector raise the standards of corporate practice in countering bribery and other corrupt acts. We work with U.S. and international businesses to improve transparency and accountability in their own operations and supply chains as well as use their influence and private capital to effect change in markets where they operate.

The Gift

Your gift will provide one hour of tool development, helping TI-USA develop and promote anti-bribery codes and implementation programs and benchmarking tools for the private sector. To this end, we are currently developing a web-based compliance “anti-bribery toolkit" for small and medium-size enterprises and plan to disseminate this information broadly. TI-USA contributes to TI’s tools, including the Business Principles for Countering Bribery and the TI Six-Step Implementation Process, as well as TI’s forthcoming Self-Evaluation Module and external assessment tool that will help companies, monitor and evaluate their anti-bribery programs.