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Outfit A Deaf Child

Uniform for one year



Deaf students in Africa are required to wear school uniforms. Each school has its own uniform colors. The average family in Africa earns around $2 a day. A complete uniform, with shoes, is around two weeks’ family income. Two uniforms are needed. In order to gain an education, these children must be properly attired. If they are lucky some children have tattered hand-me-downs from the extended family Your gift will replace these.

The Gift

Your gift of $35 will provide two sets of uniforms for a deaf student including shoes for one school year. Since a lot of children have tattered uniforms and when they receive your gift of new threads, they will feel very proud of their attire! Imagine the pride in the child as he goes to school, ready to learn!

Because of you, the child will be better dressed and their self esteem will be greatly enhanced with their new clothes. They will be able to go about their day knowing that a caring individual somewhere in the world provided for their school uniform.

Your gift of uniform and supplies will be provided by Global Deaf Connection.