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Promote Work Safety

Train 10 supervisors



Violence doesn't stay at home when women go to work. With nearly 1 in 3 women reporting abuse at some point in their life, domestic violence has a negative impact on employee productivity and the bottom line. Violence at home can affect the workplace when a woman is harassed, distracted by threatening phone calls, absent from injuries or less productive from extreme stress. Healthcare costs for employers increase along with the potential for liability.

The Gift

Your donation will train 10 supervisors, supplying companies with appropriate resources for working women who are in abusive situations at home. The Family Violence Prevention Fund provides employers with model programs, policies, awareness materials (brochures, posters, information cards, etc.) and resources that they can use to assist women at work who are in need of help.

Your gift of resources for women at work will be provided via the Family Violence Prevention Fund’s National Workplace Resource Center on Domestic Violence.