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Demine & Replant

One grape vine



Landmines remain long after conflicts are over, preventing farmers from returning to their homes and livelihoods, keeping them on a path to poverty. The agricultural Shomali Plain in Afghanistan remains heavily mined. Landmines protected the main supply route running through the Shomali during the Soviet invasion. The Taliban’s front line against the Northern Alliance was established here as troops from both sides established themselves laying landmines in villages and prime grape vineyards.

The Gift

Your donation will restore hope to farmers living in a post-conflict war zone. By clearing the enough land of landmines and planting one grape vine, your gift will help restore the livelihood and the dignity of self-sufficiency to a farmer. Your contribution will be part of Roots of Peace’s broader “mines to vines" program that helps thousands of rural farmers realize higher levels of income by enabling them to return to their farms and produce higher yielding and higher quality produce and then market these high value crops to international markets.