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Demine Sports Field

10 square meters



Landmines are hidden killers awaiting victims in over 60 countries. Children make up half of landmine victims as by nature they’re adventurous and curious. Many children are injured doing every-day chores like gathering wood, tending livestock, and collecting water. Sports are essential to every child’s development – especially in communities ravaged by conflict. However, sports are unthinkable in mined areas and fields for recreation are ranked at the bottom of the priority list for demining.

The Gift

Your donation will demine and build 10 square meters of a soccer field in a mine-affected country, saving lives and giving kids safe places for recreation and social development.

There is need for reunification of war-torn regions to help sustain what often is a fragile peace. More than any other activity, sport, through its shared fundamental values of respect, fair play and teamwork, can strengthen the interaction between communities and cultures.

Your contribution will be part of Roots of Peace’s broader “minefields to soccer fields" program establishing grassroots soccer programs targeting the needs of rural children impacted by landmines and other unexploded ordinance left over from war. The program establishes youth soccer leagues to promote the education, health and development of boys and girls, guided by professional coaches working with local leadership. Equipment, balls, uniforms and goals are provided through the program.