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Clean Hands

3 hygiene kits



Disease can spread fast, especially in makeshift shelters and sanitation systems. People who are forced to flee their homes have no time to collect their personal hygiene items. As a result, they usually have little protection from disease.

Simple hygiene necessities can make a huge difference in fighting disease and keeping people healthy.

The Gift

Your gift focuses on the simple hygiene needs of people who’ve lost everything. Hand and body soap, sanitary napkins, laundry soap, a toothbrush, cotton gauze, and a small towel are people’s first line of defense against disease. Community education sessions on hygiene also make a big difference in people’s habits and stymie the spread of disease.

Many of us take the availability of soap for granted. Your gift will remind a loved one how valuable hygiene items are, and they’ll be honored that, on their behalf, you gave people the tools to prevent disease.