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Promote Tolerance

Workshop in a school



With the AiA Awareness Program, the Art in All of Us team introduces drawing, poetry and photography during their visits to schools around the world. Each child will have the opportunity to take photographs and discover a new way of expressing their feelings.

The Gift

The AiA Awareness Program team also introduces children to art created by students from other countries where our programs have taken place in the past. This experience awakens their awareness and curiosity of other cultures worldwide, creating an opportunity to see that children around the world aren’t that different.

A donation of 40 USD will support the AiA team to conduct the Awareness Program in one school, and as such, stimulate more curiosity and creativity in the adults of tomorrow. The AiA team needs only minimal financial support to purchase the supplies necessary to facilitate our Awareness Program and ensure the creative cultural exchange will have lifelong rewards and memories with photographs.

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