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Emily (Emily Jones)


About Me:

Hello, my name is Emily. I am 28 years old and I am so happy to be living and working in New York City. I really enjoy learning about aspects of health and wellness and sharing my experiences through my work as an editor at a local magazine.

I Believe:

I believe that if we look at the world through a compassionate lens, we will connect. By connecting through shared experiences, emotions, or beliefs we will be better able to give back.

Wish List

One kickball

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What a great gift! Every child needs an outlet for his/her energy. Play is such an important aspect of development. This nonprofit does great work to make sure that kids have the opportunity to be kids.
6,000 miles air travel

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We passionately support efforts in slowing the progression of Global Warming. This gift reduces 6,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions to neutralize the impact of a year's worth of driving!! We can all do something to care for the environment.
One tubewell

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I recently watched a very compelling documentary on access to water. Access to safe and clean water is such a basic and life-changing need. This gift will go towards using local, appropriate technology, efficient hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa. How empowering!
5 student tickets
Baryshnikov Dance Foundation Inc.

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What a great way to keep art alive and moving forward. Seeing extraordinary performers up close is such an important part of development for students.
Bicycle for health worker
African Medical and Research Foundation

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How exciting to think about how much a bike can help provide!