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Your donation can change everything for a family. A small loan and a few skills and small business training sessions make an enormous impact. Mothers and fathers can start a small business that feeds their whole family, clothes their kids and sends them to school. more

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Your gift will allow the Grameen Foundation Educational Scholarship Program to cover the public school fees for five years of a borrower's child. Microfinance is one of the most powerful solutions to poverty in existence today. more

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With $225, a woman can start a bakery in India and support her family as a widow. Mary, a 45 year-old widow, was only educated up until primary school. When she lost her husband, she was left with few options to earn a living. Working as a laborer in a bakery unit, she could hardly make ends meet. more

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Loan for a woman

Mercy Corps

Recognizing that women worldwide are the engines of advancement for their families, Mercy Corps invests in the small businesses of female entrepreneurs. more

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Added income from a $50 loan can help a Tanzanian mother expand her business and feed her children more nutritious food.. And you're providing a self-employment loan, not a gift. Your donation will build discipline, responsibility, and self-confidence as women create their own business. more