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CHF’s development finance institution in Afghanistan, established in March 2004, has made more than 3,200 loans to low-income men and women in the rural provinces, helping them establish or expand small businesses, such as tailoring, food services, and manufacturing. more

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25 chickens & rooster

Operation USA

Giving a loan (often called “microcredit") for families to launch small enterprises has proven to be a successful strategy in earning income. more

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Your gift will be used to teach a group of approximately 100 people financial literacy. This service is provided through Fundefir’s communal banks, and is oriented to teach the poor how to most efficiently use and invest their money to improve their financial opportunities. more

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Your donation can change everything for a family. A small loan and a few skills and small business training sessions make an enormous impact. Mothers and fathers can start a small business that feeds their whole family, clothes their kids and sends them to school. more

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With $225, a woman can start a bakery in India and support her family as a widow. Mary, a 45 year-old widow, was only educated up until primary school. When she lost her husband, she was left with few options to earn a living. Working as a laborer in a bakery unit, she could hardly make ends meet. more