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"Rice Terraces in Bali"

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Your donation will help our partners discover successful ecoagriculture solutions, and allow farmers to share their knowledge in local settings and throughout the world. more

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Your support will directly help farmer, pastoral, forest and fisher groups working with Ecoagriculture Partners to invest in ecoagriculture. Small gifts go a long way. more

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Ecoagriculture Partners helps local groups to stay informed about important negotiations affecting ecoagriculture, develop the skills for effective advocacy, and mobilize financial support to cover their travel costs. more

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Small, but strategic messages through the media and targeted advocacy can make a big difference in policy decisions. Your donation will help raise awareness of ecoagriculture issues and re-shape policy debates, by helping rural communities tell their stories. more

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Ecoagriculture Partners was formed specifically to support such alliances. Strong partnerships between farmers, conservationists, researchers, rural leaders and policymakers are the only way to harmonize agricultural production and wildlife conservation—and thereby provide sustainable solutions for poor communities. more