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Your donation helps SAI subsidize costs related to assuring that factories meet international human rights standards for working conditions, improving the quality of life for working people around the world. more

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Your gift will help to subsidize the costs of bringing a student to Intern at SAI, in order to learn first-hand about labor issues, worker rights, and international codes such as SA8000. What better gift could there be than to educate a student on the issues faced by SAI's work in combating sweatshops worldwide. more

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With your help, SAI can help send a worker or manager in China to another factory to talk about how their factory has improved, and some of the benefits to workers and to productivity, by adopting international workplace standards like SA8000. more

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Your gift will bring one day of much needed training on Workplace and Human Rights to a factory worker or manager. This is achieved by bringing a worker from an SA8000 Certified factory to share their experience and knowledge to other factories and farms. more