Gifts at Changing The Present


Oct 17, 2008


Emily Jones


Jackson Hughes

Thank you so much for joining us in celebrating our upcoming marriage. We're glad you are part of our circle of friends and family! We're also really excited about the opportunity to celebrate our love by helping to make the world a better place. This new donation registry makes it easy for you to honor our commitment to each other and the world community. Please take a look at the registry we have created!

Our Favorite Gifts

If you would like this couple to see that a gift was purchased in their name, please click the shopping cart icon (or fill in the dollar amount and click donate) next to the gift item DIRECTLY on this page. We encourage you to look around the site and read about the nonprofits on this registry, but be sure to return to this registry page BEFORE adding gifts to your shopping cart. We also offer personalized greeting cards to announce your gift.

Stop global warming
6,000 miles air travel

$11 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

We passionately support efforts in slowing the progression of Global Warming. This gift reduces 6,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions to neutralize the impact of a year's worth of driving!! We can all do something to care for the environment.
Provide Clean Water
One tubewell

$400 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

We recently watched a very compelling documentary on water. Access to safe and clean water is such a basic and life-changing need. This gift will go towards using local, appropriate technology, efficient hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa. How empowering!
Educate A Classroom
Radio for 40 children
Freeplay Foundation

$65 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

What a wonderful way to help educate children. Can you believe that this radio does not need batteries or electricity to run? The radio plays for many hours on wind-up energy or solar power, educating children and youth about important life skills.
Heal A Child
One facial surgery
Operation Smile

$240 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

The gift of a smile...what could be better? After spending the summer interning with Operation Smile, I saw first hand how incredible the gift of a smile can be. This gift will no doubt bring joy and pride to one little girl or boy. Just thinking about it makes us smile!
Demine & Replant
One grape vine
Roots of Peace

$10 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

With this gift, Roots of Peace will clear landmines and will plant one grape vine, restoring the livelihood and the dignity of self-sufficiency to a farmer. What an amazing gift!
Outfit A Deaf Child
Uniform for one year
Global Deaf Connection

$35 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

We both love this nonprofit! Out of all of their gifts, we find this gift to be our favorite. By providing a school uniform for one year, a child will feel proud to go to school.
Inspire Dreams
15 beautiful volumes
First Book

$45 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

I love First Book! This is such a great gift, and will change a child's life.
Sponsor A Student
5 student tickets
Baryshnikov Dance Foundation Inc.

$100 Add this gift item to your shopping cart

What a great way to keep art alive and moving forward. It is so important for students to learn from and watch extraordinary performers up close.