Lucy's Birthday Wishlist!

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I love the idea behind Changing the Present! I definitely don't need any more stuff, so I'd rather people's money went to non-profits where it can make a real difference. As I'm sure you know, I'm totally obsessed with dogs, so I've chosen animal charities for my wish-list. The thought of being able to help these dogs makes me really happy, so thank you in advance! Whilst you're here, why not create your own wish-list ready for your next birthday? All my friends who've asked for donations on this site have loved them, so I'm sure you'll find a cause to suit you!

Favorite gifts:

Do Not Duplicate - Spay/Neuter a Dog

Best Friends Animal Society


Your gift will pay for the spay or neuter of one of the new arrivals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Spaying or neutering is one of the greatest gifts you can provide your pet, your family and your community. These routine medical procedures not only help control pet overpopulation, but they may also prevent medical and behavioral problems from developing, allowing your pet to lead a longer, healthier and happier life.


This gift will afford Project Hope puppies and kittens a crucial step in their path to adoption with a much-needed veterinary exam. Initial exams include checking their weight, temperature, heart, lungs, internal organs, and ears. Pre-adoption examinations for puppies and kittens are often a veterinarian’s favorite part of the job.

This gift will provide treats for the rescued animals who call Farm Sanctuary home. Some of the animals favorite treats include apples, carrots, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, bagels and rice cakes.

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