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Please donate on my behalf to support veterans, as a small token of our gratitude for what they do for us. Members of the armed forces make so many sacrifices to enable us to live our lives in peace, so we owe it to them to make sure their lives are comfortable after they leave. Knowing that our veterans are being supported will be a very rewarding gift for me, far better than buying me something I don't want or need. I think the idea behind Changing the Present is great, and more people should switch to asking for this sort of meaningful gift.

When you're next asking for gifts, consider asking for Changing the Present donations instead. There's a huge range of causes on their website, so you're almost certain to find something you're passionate about. You can also use the site to ask for donations to any non-profit organisation, so whatever cause you're passionate about, Changing the Present can help.

Favorite gifts:


Support Our Troops is no longer a slogan. It's an action. By taking action and donating to support our injured troops, your monetary contribution will fund reintegration programs for injured service members and their families as they transition back into society. Program funding includes: Health and wellness assessments, treatments, services and support; Equipment for medical, recreational, professional purposes; Modifications to a home, office, vehicle, or recreational equipment; Respite/Recreation/Socialization; Education/Training; Transportation; Assistance with expenses such as supplemental funds for childcare, mortgage payments, rents, etc. and Public Awareness and Education.

Adapt Homes - Homes for veterans

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes


The Coalition has built 6 disability-adapted homes for either newly blind or paralyzed veterans. The Coalition is pursuing an alliance with two other organizations that will expand both the building of homes and home repair and modification to a larger portion of disabled veterans. Your gift will support The Coalition's efforts to provide adapted homes to disabled veterans.

Aid Veterans - Program supervision

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


This gift will provide supervision of the National Stand Down program for one day. NCHV is the national coordinator of the Stand Down program. The staff monitors programs nationwide, maintains the Stand Down Registry so veterans and service providers can connect with programs in their communities, advocates for federal and corporate funding support and in-kind donations, and publishes the Stand Down Manual -- a tool for groups that want to organize and conduct this type of homeless veteran outreach event. Since 1989, more than 100 communities have developed annual Stand Down programs, and those events offer services and referrals to long-term assistance to more than 28,000 homeless veterans each year.

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