Support Mario in Thanking Veterans Like His Uncle

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Instead of presents this year, I'd like to ask for donations to be made via Changing the Present. As most of you will know, my uncle is an army veteran and I'm incredibly proud of him. I'm asking for donations to veterans organisations so that other people in the same position as him receive the support that they deserve. This will be a far better present than some random piece of clothing I never wear, or novelty item that gets boring after a few minutes. Thank you in advance to anyone who chooses to support this important cause on my behalf.

While you're here, consider creating your own wish-list. There are loads of causes to choose from, so I'm sure there'll be something that you care about. Knowing that you're making a difference is far more rewarding than any gift, so I highly recommend it!

Favorite gifts:

Assist Veterans - Help line for a day

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


This gift will provide this direct assistance to homeless veterans nationwide on the 1-800-VET-HELP line for one day. Homeless veterans and those at risk of becoming homeless can access free guidance and referrals to service providers in their communities on any telephone in the country by calling 1-800-VET-HELP. Services available include emergency and transitional housing, medical and mental health services, employment preparation and job placement assistance, referrals to VA benfits specialists, family counseling, legal aid, and a wide range of other supportive services.

Build Service Networks - 2 hours of collaboration

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


Your gift will provide 2 hours of staff work to help steer potential housing and service providers to resources, capital, and experts in the field who can turn vision into reality. In partnership with other national organizations such as the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Labor, State Directors of Veterans Affairs, and municipal public assistance agencies, NCHV works to promote local collaborations that offer the widest possible range of services for homeless veterans with optimum economic efficiency.


Your gift will provide one roll-in shower to an injured veteran, to help maintain their dignity by enabling them to get themselves in and out of the shower in privacy without needing additional help from others.

Assist Veterans - Gasoline and groceries

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes


The Coalition has provided more than $36,000 in emergency financial funding to injured war on terror veterans and their families. For example, through the distribution of Wal-Mart Gift Cards the Coalition has been able to provide gasoline and groceries Your donation will purchase a gift card, which can help provide the gasoline and groceries, as well as cases of diapers, baby wipes and other personal necessities.

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