Tom's Wishlist- Providing the Essentials

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I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and join several of my friends in creating a wish-list on here. There's nothing that I really need or want, so I thought asking for donations on here made a great alternative to pointless gifts. I've decided to go back to basics with my wish-list and provide help with the essentials- food, water and shelter. Providing these things will make an enormous difference to whoever receives them, and its amazing to have the opportunity to make this kind of contribution. After you've donated, please make your own wish-list so that I can donate to it. There are lots of gifts to choose from, so I'm sure you'll find some that you are passionate about and want to support.

Favorite gifts:


Your gift of a water tap stand will provide safe water to a family close to home and give a woman the freedom to pursue other, more productive activities. Instead of hauling water, she can care for her family and perhaps contribute to her family's income. Her children won't be as sick and she can spend her limited income on food, education for her children and other necessities instead of medicine. Water can be a catalyst for change and help people break the cycle of poverty.

Shelter A Family - A roof and four walls

American Refugee Committee


Your gift provides refuge. With a roof overhead and some basic necessities and services, families are safer and healthier. A reliable shelter becomes the foundation for recovery from the trauma many have faced. There’s no better gift for someone you love than a gift of hope and opportunity for a family who have lost everything. Your donation will provide shelter for one family.

Feed 60 Children - Help a Child Learn

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.


Your gift of $15 will provide 60 children with a school meal, which is proven to significantly increase attendance rates and help children take their minds off their next meal and dedicate their attention to their studies. Providing meals within the educational system encourages poor families to send their children to school and proper nutrition helps pupils stay focused in the classroom. Children, such as eight year old Emmanuel, who participates in a WFP Liberia school feeding program, are dependent on the meals provided by WFP to get through the day. He explains, “Sometimes my parents don't have the money to buy me breakfast. I'm always happy to come to school because I can eat here.” Through school meals, WFP is not only able to fight hunger but also provide children with the key to a better future - an education. To learn more about what WFP and WFP USA are doing to end world hunger, please visit

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