Help the Environment for Adriana's Birthday

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If you know me, you'll know how passionate about the environment I am. Yes, I'm sorry I go on about it but it's important! That's why this year, instead of gifts, I'd like to ask you to donate to environmental causes via Changing the Present. I really don't need any more stuff, and it'll only be creating more landfill in the long-term, so this is a much better gift for me. I'm so happy that Changing the Present have created a way for me to ask for donations to important causes in a way that still feels like a real gift. If anyone else has a birthday or other event coming up soon, I recommend creating your own wish-list and getting people to support the causes that you care about the most! I feel so good knowing that I will be making a difference to the world!

Favorite gifts:

Prevent Contaminants - Clean drinking water

Natural Resources Defense Council


Your donation will help NRDC safeguard the country’s drinking water by pushing for citizens' right to know about contaminants in their water and by conducting scientific research and public education.

Make your contribution to the “Adopt A Beach” program to help children become “Adopters” through their commitment to clean the beach of their choice in L.A. County, three times a year. Your contribution allows children from under-served communities to not only see the beach, often as first time visitors, but also to learn that environmental stewardship starts at home in their own neighborhoods. Once a location has been selected, Heal the Bay facilitates the Adopt-A-Beach program in Los Angeles county by providing all supplies and training for volunteers to carry out the beach cleanups. A free educational presentation by a member of Heal the Bay’s Speakers Bureau is part of each group’s first cleanup. The speaker explains stormwater pollution issues, how to run a safe cleanup, and the importance of recording on the data cards each item that is picked up for future analysis and reporting, which drives legislation and policy on water quality issues.

Conserve the Amazon - 1 acre of rainforest

Amazon Conservation Association


This gift protects ONE acre of Amazonian rainforest. Your support is needed to manage the 360,000-acre Los Amigos Conservation Concession. This area of old-growth rainforest has one of the highest species concentrations in Amazonia. It is part of a 20 million-acre block of wilderness in southeastern Peru, which is home to some of the last uncontacted indigenous groups on Earth. Your support will help us prevent poaching and illegal deforestation in the concession by funding and equipping a team of local forest rangers, as well as promote conservation and Amazonian science through our biodiversity monitoring program. These activities cost us an average of $8 per acre per year. Your gift will help ensure that there are jaguars and rainforests for generations to come.

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