Shannon's Wishlist: Saving the Oceans

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If you know me, you'll know how passionate I am about the oceans and marine environments. Giving me gifts in the long-run will just create more landfill and make environmental problems worse, so I'd rather you made a donation instead. This page includes a wish-list of gifts, but there are loads on the site so if there's another marine-related gift you'd rather get then feel free. I love that you can receive tangible gifts, such as a water testing kit, as these feel like a real gift rather than simply a donation. I'm looking forward to hearing about the difference that I've made simply by asking for something other than a gift. Please create your own wish-list too, so that I can return the favour!

Favorite gifts:

Protect Coasts - One water test

Surfrider Foundation


Our trained volunteers conduct water testings throughout all coastal states of the US. The materials to conduct these tests cost $5. Within their local Surfrider Foundation chapters they can use the knowledge and fight the sources of pollution, to benefit the health of our oceans, waves and beaches!


Your donation will help us work with our conservation partners to protect coastal beaches used by sea turtles as nesting sanctuaries, educate coastal home and hotel owners on how bright lights interrupt turtle nesting, as well as work to prevent international fishing conglomerates from dismantling laws that protect sea turtles from harmful fishing practices. Your gift will help Defenders save sea turtles and other imperiled wildlife.

Test Water - 4 water testing kits

Surfrider Foundation


Determine the source of polluted water! Typically, a storm drain carries polluted street run-off from multiple sources. Occasionally though, it may be connected to a toilet or septic tank from a beach house,or perhaps an industrial waste discharge outfall. It is critical to determine the upstream source of any pipe that empties at your beach. This will help you figure out how to reduce or stop the pollution flow. With the water testing kit our volunteers can identify the hot spots of pollution!


Your gift will help Defenders of Wildlife work to educate people about the need to protect sea otters, as well as help local communities and the fishing industry live in harmony with these adorable little animals. You will also enable us to continue our efforts to keep Big Oil companies from evicting sea otters from the only area they have left. Your gift to Adopt A Sea Otter will help Defenders save sea otters and other imperiled wildlife.

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