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So, you want to make a difference, help people and change the way we give presents ? So did I, until I came across the amazing opportunity to donate in a friends name, all set up to be like a gift. You can write a wish list just like the one you're reading and choose your favorite causes. Together we can impact the way people think about presents.

Favorite gifts:

Serve Healthy Food - One wholesale meeting

Sustainable Food Laboratory


A principal root of the problem has been that in order to add variety and diversity to public/institutional menus and simultaneously reduce personnel, infrastructure and contract costs, one option has predominated: prefabricated, ready to serve, processed food, often laden with ingredients unhealthy to body, mind and environment. This is now being reversed and the challenge is how to change the entire public/institutional food system to one based on the principals of sustainability and away from convenience and lowest short-term price…to one where menus based on fresh, seasonal and sustainable produce set a new purchasing and education framework and establish viable markets for more socially and environmentally responsible products. These changes require new alliances. Your gift will pay for meeting expenses (venue, food, facilitation) in order to coordinate wholesale changes to the way food is procured, distributed and prepared.


At this critical time in a woman’s life, when she has sought safety in a domestic violence shelters, Ms. is there to provide knowledge and empowerment. Reaching out to women in domestic violence shelters serves the mission of Ms. magazine, impacting the lives of battered women by exposing them to new perspectives and ideas about self-sufficiency, women’s empowerment, social change movements, and community activism. Through the pages of Ms., these women are connected to a community of Ms. readers and a larger, empowering social movement. Due to limited resources, we currently only reach a little more than half of all domestic violence shelters. Your contribution of $40 will send Ms. to 5 domestic violence shelters for one year.


This gift will provide resources to local journalists in developing countries to help them develop their skills as reporters. Your gift supplies radio and television production equipment to local journalists, funds small grants to reporters so they can travel to research their stories, and enables Internews to provide training and long-term mentoring to local journalists and independent media outlets in the developing world.


Support Our Troops is no longer a slogan. It's an action. By taking action and donating to support our injured troops, your monetary contribution will fund reintegration programs for injured service members and their families as they transition back into society. Program funding includes: Health and wellness assessments, treatments, services and support; Equipment for medical, recreational, professional purposes; Modifications to a home, office, vehicle, or recreational equipment; Respite/Recreation/Socialization; Education/Training; Transportation; Assistance with expenses such as supplemental funds for childcare, mortgage payments, rents, etc. and Public Awareness and Education.

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