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Veterans for America unites the new generation of veterans with those from past wars to address the needs of veterans, service members and their families and their larger concerns about the impact of war. An advocacy and humanitarian organization, Veterans for America builds on the 26-year record of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation -- co-founder of the Nobel Prize winning Campaign to Ban Landmines -- to address the causes, conduct and consequences of war.


Veterans for America brings together veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars with veterans from past wars to address the causes, conduct and consequences of war by developing, coordinating and implementing advocacy campaigns and humanitarian efforts to better the lives of veterans, service members and victims of war.


Veterans know first-hand the causes, conduct and consequences of war. In addition to addressing needs of veterans, service members and their families, Veterans for America houses groundbreaking humanitarian programs of Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, examines the needs and future consequences of a stretched-thin military and undertakes initiatives making our world more secure.

Veteran Benefits - Building on lessons from service in four wars, Veterans for America galvanizes veterans nationwide, creating an empowered community and a safe space to share common experiences. We raise awareness about challenges facing returning veterans and advance structural solutions to these challenges.
Information Management & Mine Action Program - When crisis hits, destroyed or landmined roads often make delivering aid impossible. iMMAP has been providing vital mapping information to relief agencies for over eight years - leading the effort to create and distribute practical, usable information that allows food and supplies to get to people in need.


Reconnecting to society can be difficult for a number of veterans returning from war. Veterans for America provides an active, sympathetic atmosphere for veterans to share their experiences and be heard by a community that understands first-hand the challenges they face. Our humanitarian programs give hope not only to the people we serve in war-torn areas, but also to the veterans who see their efforts rebuild both the physical infrastructure of nations and begin to heal the emotional scars. This lasting good-will and trust among countries inevitably strengthens us at home and abroad. Please join us today!


Afghanistan, Cambodia, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, United States, Viet Nam


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