Join our Nonprofit as a High School Ambassador

Enhance your resume as you change the world

"an of the nonprofit world.”


We are recruiting high-performing students to join us as High School Ambassadors. 

Feed a child

Preserve the wilderness

Stop sexual abuse

Shelter animals

How You Benefit

  • Use your skills, talent, and creativity to:
  • make a difference as we channel to nonprofits some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents
  • take on a leadership role, learn, and develop your skills
  • make friends and build your network at your school and nationwide
  • enhance your resume with a record of achievement and community service (this should qualify for school community service hours).
  • We offer a great experience, but we are a nonprofit, and this is an unpaid position.

About Changing The Present

We help nonprofits and schools capture some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents.


We do that by making the experience of a donation, which you give in a friend's name, feel like a rewarding present and an appealing alternative to buying yet more "stuff." We provide:

  • tangible charitable gifts (preserve an acre of the rain forest, fund an hour of cancer research, etc.)
  • personalized printed greeting cards
  • wish lists and registries
  • gift cards, etc.

This slideshow provides an overview of our program.

Imagine the impact we can make together as more and more people adopt this more meaningful type of giving!


Provide books for children

Support Mental Health

Combat blindness

Provide safe drinking water

Sponsor cancer research

This is Prestigious and Competitive

We seek students who:

  • are enrolled in an American public, private, or charter high school.
  • have an outstanding academic record and a proven history of leadership
  • are active and involved in activities at their school and/or the surrounding community.
  • commit to at least four hours per week--for the summer or for the full academic year. (If you can commit at least ten hours per week, please see our opportunities for interns and volunteers).

What You Will Do

Promote awareness of and participation in Changing The Present among students, teachers, and student organizations, while also promoting the concept of donations as a meaningful alternative to traditional presents.

You will:

  • use social media, the school newspaper, newsletters, flyers, etc. to grow awareness of our program
  • seek support from student influencers
  • encourage student council, clubs, and teams to create charitable fundraising pages on the site, which help them raise more money and recognize them for all of their philanthropy
  • invite the PTA, booster clubs, and other organizations to use our fundraising tools
  • collaborate with school departments, teachers, and the administration
  • encourage students to create profile pages and charitable wish lists or registries 
  • start a Changing The Present club at your school (founding an organization looks great on a resume)
  • invite local nonprofits, schools, and teachers to register, so they can capture new funding.


Our Campus Ambassador Manual

We will provide detailed instructions, message templates, downloadable flyers, digital graphics, and other marketing assets for your use. You will certainly have more ideas, which we welcome and encourage you to share with us and the other Ambassadors.

A Community of Campus Ambassadors at Your School

We will have multiple Ambassadors at each school (our goal is at least two per grade level), and we will provide an online community for you to connect with one another, as well as with Ambassadors at other schools. That will let you collaborate, share tips, and celebrate your successes.

Other Opportunities with Changing The Present

We have a wide range of other internship and volunteer roles, including:

Our Team

Here are a few of the wonderful people on our team. See what they and others say about working with us.:

Apply Now!

If you are a high-achieving student and would like to join us, please use the form below to apply. It asks you to provide some information, including the URL of your CtP wish list or registry and to provide a resume and cover letter.


Thank you very much! We look forward to hearing from you.