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Please Share This Invitation

Hello ______


I just discovered an exciting nonprofit website, It lets anyone give the gift of a donation in their friend's name, and a personalized greeting card makes it especially memorable. This is so much more more meaningful than another pair of fuzzy slippers! It is even tax-deductible.


You can support any school, teacher, school sports team, or school band, as well as any nonprofit.


Here are three great ways to use the site to make a difference:

  1. Give the gift of a donation in a friend's name, in lieu of buying traditional presents.
  2. Create a wish list and ask people to donate instead of buying you presents that you may not want.
  3. Share this with others who care about schoolchildren.

You can see my wish list at [add the URL of your wish list here].


Please share this with others who may want to help.


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