Find Housing and Shares in New York City (NYC)


Here are some tips on finding housing in New York City.





If you are from out of town and looking for housing, here are some tips:


Housing in NY is expensive, but 8 million people have found a place to live (well, most of them), and you can, too.


Our office is close to many subway lines, the LIRR, NJ Transit, and PATH, making it easy to get here from Astoria, Williamsburg, Bushwick (but watch out for the pending closure of the L line) and other areas outside of Manhattan (it is generally less expensive outside of Manhattan). The NYC subway pass (MetroCard) does not work on the PATH train to NJ.



The most affordable housing will be a share. That does not mean coming to NY with a friend and renting a place together, since landlords do not want short leases (unless you find something on AirBnB). It means finding someone with an extra room to rent out. People with a room may want to meet you before having you move in with them. Therefore, many interns have come to NY and stayed at an interim place for a week while looking for something longer-term.


Interim Housing

Some people find a place before they come to NY. Others come here and stay in a temporary / interim place while they look for a place to stay longer-term. For interim places, you might try:


PadMapper is a mashup of Google Maps and CraigsList. That makes it easier to find places and see where they are. You can find rentals and shares.


Listings Project - Listings Project is a free weekly email of real estate and opportunities listings serving artists, creative communities, and beyond. Subscribe here:


Facebook Groups

There are lots of Facebook groups with apartment and share listings. Here is just one Sublet Share Rent group:


More Sites


  • This articleon Brick Underground lists sites for apartment hunting, with comments on each. It includes:,,, Listings Project, Renthop, Facebook, Zumper, and StreetEasy.



  • Here is a co-living space in Crown Heights (Brooklyn):  If you get in touch with them, tell Reuben Doetsch there that Robert Tolmach of ChangingThePresent sent you.


Please Watch Out for Scam Artists!!!


Be careful not to be ripped off. Verify that the person you are talking with actually owns or leases the apartment. See a lease. See a utility bill. Talk to the landlord or building manager. Don’t worry about seeming pushy when you verify things. Rent is expensive and anyone legit will understand you wanting to be cautious. Besides, we are New Yorkers and can deal with pushy.


We had one intern tell us she found a great place online overlooking a park on Seventh Ave and 17th Street. In reality, there is not a park there; it was a total scam. Fortunately, she did not pay for it. Be careful.


NEVER pay rent or a deposit or any fees in cash or via Western Union or Moneygram. Only pay with a check or cashier’s check, so it is going into a bank account and you know who the person actually is.