This page is provided by Changing The Present, which the NY Times called, "an of the nonprofit world."


Imagine how much good we could all do together as more and more of us show our love with meaningful donations in a friend's name, instead of buying $450 billion a year of unneeded "stuff" as presents. We make it easy and rewarding with tangible charitable gifts, beautiful greeting cards, wish lists and registries, and gift cards.


Now is an especially critical time for us all. Please donate and dedicate your birthday to support hospitals and nonprofits that are protecting us all from COVID-19. They need your help, and we all need theirs.

Thank You!


We will let you know when we launch this tool to protect Seniors and people with pre-existing health conditions from exposure to COVID-19.


Return to the Senior Store-Locator page, and be sure to share it to protect more seniors.




Explore Changing The Present, and see why the New York Times called us "an of the nonprofit world." Go ahead and create your charitable wish list while you are there.

You do not need to go to the store or buy "stuff" to show your love. Instead, make a meaningful charitable donation in your friend's name. We even provide beautiful greeting cards to make it memorable. Be sure to create your charitable wish list to let people know what you care about.