Give Your Employees and Customers The

Incentive Gifts that Make a Difference 

Support Any Cause, Nonprofit, School, or Teacher

Personalized Cards Make Your Gift Even More Meaningful


Give corporate gifts that your employees and customers will really appreciate.


Want to know what they care about? Their favorite cause. (Americans donate $260 billion a year; you need to be pretty passionate to give away a quarter of a trillion dollars a year!).


Yes, we said their favorite cause, not your favorite cause.


Changing The Present gift cards let your recipients direct your donation gift to their favorite cause or nonprofit. They can support any of our  thousands of charitable gifts , a few of which are shown below, or they can support any 501(c)(3) nonprofit, teacher, or school in the country.


Want more proof that your employees and customers will welcome this type of gift?

See  this paper  from the Harvard Business School:  Prosocial Bonuses Increase Employee Satisfaction and Team Performance.


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