Naomi's Birthday Wishlist

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I don't need any more stuff, so this year I'm asking for donations instead of gifts. If you know me then you'll know how much I love dogs, so I've focused my wishlist on helping them. Getting any of the gifts I've listed below would be more rewarding than any physical gift for me, and a far better use of your money! The thought of being able to help vulnerable animals for my birthday is fantastic! I can't wait to find out how many dogs benefited from your donations. Thank you in advance for donating, please consider making a wishlist of your own so that I can return the favour and support the causes that really matter to you.

Favorite gifts:


This gift will afford Project Hope puppies and kittens a crucial step in their path to adoption with a much-needed veterinary exam. Initial exams include checking their weight, temperature, heart, lungs, internal organs, and ears. Pre-adoption examinations for puppies and kittens are often a veterinarian’s favorite part of the job.

Your gift will provide treatment for internal parasites for 15 puppies


This gift will help provide food for an orphaned dog for one month. With hundreds of dogs to feed each year these costs add up very quickly. Additionally, some of the dogs we rescue are skin and bones and require a special diet to help fill them out and get them back to a healthy adoptable weight!


This gift will supply an abused cat or dog with bedding, treats, toys, and nutrition – things that most of us take for granted but that many new arrivals will experience for the first time.

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