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Charitable Gift Card

Charitable Gift Card

About Charitable Gift Cards to Make a Difference

Empower your friend or loved one to change the world in exactly the way they want.

Give a charitable gift card from Changing The Present. The recipient can use it to:

  • fund any of thousands of specific, heart-warming charitable gifts, such as preserve an acre of the rain forest, fund an hour of cancer research, provide books for children, etc. from hundreds of leading nonprofits (if your favorite is missing, just let us know, and we will prioritize an invitation to them)
  • support any favorite 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • fund needs for any K-12 school (and any teacher, cub, team, or band at any of the schools) in the country


How Our Digital Charitable Gift Cards Work

To give a single gift card or a few, just scroll down, choose a dollar amount, customize the card, preview it, add to your cart, repeat the process if you want to give more than one gift card, and check out.

We are not allowed to collect the email of the gift recipient, so the gift card app will send you an email with a link to the digital gift card. You can then forward the link to the recipient.


We Also Offer Bulk, Branded, and Corporate Charitable Gift Cards

To give gift cards in bulk, including branded gift cards for corporate giving, please click here.


About Printed Greeting Cards to Announce Gift Cards

Normally, we send the gift card as a personalized e-card. Want us to mail a personalized printed greeting card to announce the gift card? After you add the gift card to your cart, just click the greeting card banner at the top of the cart page.

For security, we cannot print the gift card number in the greeting card. You will need to give the recipient the number, which you will receive by email. The greeting card message describing the gift will say:

A Charitable Greeting Card to Make a Difference

Here is a gift card to make the world a better place in exactly the way you want. You can protect the environment, feed the hungry, care for the elderly, or anything you care about. Just visit, and enter the card number at checkout. (The gift-giver will give you the #).