Brooke's Birthday Wishlist

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Instead of getting pointless gifts that just end up as clutter, this year I've decided to ask for something more meaningful. I'd love people to use their money on the gifts listed on this page instead, which will support homeless people. This is a really important cause but one that we often ignore. I'm glad that this platform exists and allows me to help work towards solving this issue. I hope you all take this fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the world. Donating instead of giving gifts is a great idea and I'd love to be able to do it myself, so please create a wish-list of your own. When it comes to your birthday, I'll then be able to support the causes that are important to you.

Favorite gifts:

Box - Sponsor a participant

Homeless Outreach Poverty Eradication


Box-Out raises money for the Community Empowerment Fund (CEF), which offers savings opportunities, micro-loans, financial education, and assertive support to individuals who are underemployed and unemployed. Each Box-Out Sponsorship goes DIRECTLY to CEF, meeting clients' needs on an individual basis. Box-Out is a UNC-CH event during which students get sponsored to sleep in the Pit in cardboard boxes for a night, raising awareness of issues of homelessness while raising money for CEF. The more money Box-Out 2011 participants raise, the more clients we will be able to serve this year! START A DRIVE NOW! Sign up for the event and start fundraising for Box-Out. First, make a username and password, then come back to this page, click “Start A Drive” on the left of this page, set your fundraising goal ($30 recommended minimum to get a Box-Out T-Shirt), and get started by sending the link to friends and family. Questions? Please email

Care for Homeless - Toiletries for family

Covenant Presbyterian Church


Your gift will provide toiletries for a homeless family in Austin being served by Foundation for the Homeless (FFH) for one week. FFH organizes resources from Austin faith communities to serve this vulnerable population. Families with children are provided temporary shelter in churches while receiving help with meals, toiletries, transportation, and child care. Children are taken to school and adults receive case management services including help with job searches, job training, life skills classes, parenting, and help finding permanent housing.

Hit the Shower! - Showers for homeless

LifeNet4Families Cooperative Feeding Program


Your gift will help enable us to provide daily showers and hygiene supplies for the homeless in our community.

Home for a Week - For One Homeless Child

North County Solutions For Change Inc


Your gift is an investment into the future of one of these children. Your gift will sponsor one homeless child and help provide this child with a home for one week. A decent and stable home is the foundation on which human beings build their lives. Homelessness or housing that is unaffordable defeats a person's best efforts to hold a job, perform in school, stay healthy, and build a strong family. Government programs are essential, but they alone have not met and will not meet this need. Community based organizations are taking the lead in creating and keeping homes affordable, upgrading or replacing blighted housing, and engaging the poor in addressing their own housing needs. Social purpose entrepreneurial leaders, many from the communities they serve, have developed the transformative ideas that can produce long term permanent solutions. What they need are much greater resources from the private sector, one donation at a time, to take those ideas and programs to a scale that makes a difference.

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