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My sister created a wish-list on here and I thought it was a great idea, so I've decided to make one of my own. I love the idea of being able to make a difference simply by asking people to change the type of gift they buy for me. The happiness I feel knowing that vulnerable children are getting help because of me is far greater than any I would get from receiving a traditional gift. There's a limit to how many pairs of slippers you need! Thank you in advance for your generous support!

If you create your own wish-list, I will be able to return the favour and support the causes that matter to you. There are loads on this site, so whatever it is you're passionate about, I'm sure you'll find something related.

Favorite gifts:

This gift will provide the magic of two new books to a child in need, and help create a foundation of literacy in her life.

Expand Health Care - $500 worth of medicine

International Relief Teams


You can help a child who is sick, perhaps even save a life. Your donation will purchase critically needed medicines such as antiobiotics and vaccines for children living in impoverished countries where International Releif Teams serves. Your donation of $10 will buy $500 worth of medicines! What an incredible gift to give a child - the gift of health!

One bag of rice - 25 LB

Better Future International


Your donation will buy a bag of rice (25 lb) to feed our orphans in Azua, Dominican Republic.

Aid Rwanda Children - Supplies for 1 child

Cooperative Housing Foundation


Far from a mere hand-out, supporting Rwanda’s orphans and vulnerable children with proper nutrition, materials, school fees and training will provide the country’s future leaders with opportunities to succeed and thrive in life. We provide nutritional support and playtime for those under 6; school materials, uniforms and playtime for kids in primary school; school fees, psychosocial support and materials to those in secondary school; and vocational training and business start-up kits for child-headed households.

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