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My brother created a wish-list on here for his birthday and I thought it was a really cool idea, so I've decided to copy him and make my own! Instead of pointless gifts, I'm asking people to donate to various non-profits. The greetings cards from this site are really good quality and look amazing, so they feel like a real gift. Donating via this site also feels like a gift because you buy specific things, rather than just donating an amount of money. Knowing exactly what my donation money will be spent on makes it seem much more personal and real, like a gift rather than a donation.

It feels good knowing that I will be helping a cause that I'm passionate about. Whatever cause it is that you care about, there's sure to be a related gift on here. I'd love to give you the charitable feeling I'm having right now, so create a wish list after you donate and I can return the favour!

Favorite gifts:

Save a chimpanzee - Two days of food

In Defense Of Animals-Africa/Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center


This gift will provide two days of fruit and formula for a baby orphaned chimpanzee.


Your gift will prove Wildlife Alliance with the tools necessary to help suport these local communities. The aim of Wildlife Alliance's Community Agriculture Development Project (CADP) is to reverse the thirty year cycle of poverty and natural resource destruction that started when the Khmer Rouge confiscated farmers' plowing equipment. By giving plows and seeds back to these farmers, CADP's goal is to help them return to permanent rice cultivation and abandon slash-and-burn practices.

Adopt A Lynx - Wildlife protection

National Wildlife Federation


Please help us STOP THIS ATTACK on America’s magnificent wildlife! \ Your $30 symbolic lynx adoption will help NWF: Fight to prevent the Endangered Species Act from being gutted. Conserve the few remaining big cat habitats in the U.S. Publicize the plight of the lynx and other imperiled wildlife. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the Canada lynx and other imperiled wildlife teetering on the brink of extinction. Please Adopt A Lynx now.

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