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Gifts are always fun at first, but they quickly become unwanted clutter. That's why I decided to find a way to make a difference whilst still feeling as though I'm receiving a gift. When my sister told me about Changing the Present, it was exactly what I'd been looking for! The tangible gifts offered feel like a genuine alternative to traditional gifts, as do the beautiful greeting cards. I look forward to finding out how many people I was able to help thanks to your generous donations! Helping other people gives me a buzz that I would never get from a traditional gift, so its a much better use of your money.

I'd love to give other people this feeling that I'm experiencing, so please create a wish-list of your own with whatever causes you are passionate about.

Favorite gifts:

Peanut Butter/Jelly - PB & J Sandwich

LifeNet4Families Cooperative Feeding Program


Your gift will help buy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and help someone in need get back on their feet.


Your gift of $5 will provide 14 Basic Needs_Hungermeals to school children. You will be giving the gift of nourishment and making it easier for families to send their children to school. Your donation will enhance children’s capacity to retain knowledge and increase their problem-solving skills. Currently, Operation USA is partnering with Paiyagala Pre-School in Sri Lanka and the village school in Santa Rosa, Nicaragua. With your donation, Operation USA will be able to continue paying for these communities to purchase food, prepare meals and feed children for months to come.

Feed 60 Children - Help a Child Learn

Friends of the World Food Program, Inc.


Your gift of $15 will provide 60 children with a school meal, which is proven to significantly increase attendance rates and help children take their minds off their next meal and dedicate their attention to their studies. Providing meals within the educational system encourages poor families to send their children to school and proper nutrition helps pupils stay focused in the classroom. Children, such as eight year old Emmanuel, who participates in a WFP Liberia school feeding program, are dependent on the meals provided by WFP to get through the day. He explains, “Sometimes my parents don't have the money to buy me breakfast. I'm always happy to come to school because I can eat here.” Through school meals, WFP is not only able to fight hunger but also provide children with the key to a better future - an education. To learn more about what WFP and WFP USA are doing to end world hunger, please visit

One 40 lb bag of rice, beans, flour, tortillas, canned goods, etc. This bag of food is enough to meet the basic needs of the families. These needy and poor children in Brazil and the United States desperately need food. By providing this bag of basics, the families can spend what little money they have on other needs. The food items are different in the United States than in Brazil. Because there are different cultures and different needs the bags will include different items. It really does make a difference for the families.

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