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Mom Bloggers are Changing The Present, and I am one of them!

I just discovered this exciting nonprofit website, It lets anyone give the gift of a donation in their friend's name, and a personalized greeting card makes it especially memorable. This is so much better than another pair of fuzzy slippers! It is even tax-deductible.

You can help support any school, classroom, school sports team, or school band of your choice, as well as any nonprofit.

My kids' school really needs help, so you will see a bunch of charitable gifts for our school below. When you add a school or teacher gift to your cart, please provide this info:

Teacher: Jane Smith
Sample Elementary School
123 Main Street
Everywhere, NY 11111

Here are three great ways to help:
1. Make the gift of a donation in a friend's name, in lieu of buying traditional presents. Your friend will be thrilled, and you will really help the students.
2. Create your own wish list (sort of like mine) to support students, and ask people to donate here instead of buying you presents that you may not want.
3. Please share with parents, grandparents, and others who care about students. Tell schools and teachers about this site, too.

Yeah, my wish list also has one of my favorite nonprofits.

Want to see how this can help your own school or classroom? See:

Thank you!

Favorite gifts:

Books for your Favorite School -

School and Teacher Resources

Any Amount

Reading is at the very core of education. By helping provide students with books, you are ensuring that they become lifelong readers, that they get to explore new worlds and gain knowledge, and that they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Computers for your Favorite School -

School and Teacher Resources

Any Amount

Notebooks, printer toner, staplers, glue, pens, markers; our students need so many office-type supplies for their classes. Your contribution will ensure that teachers and students have what they need.

Library resources for your Favorite School -

School and Teacher Resources

Any Amount

Today's library is not just a room full of books. School libraries needs funding for books, magazines, digital materials, technology, equipment, and furniture. Your contribution will enrich students' education.

Any Amount

Music is valuable in and of itself, and it has been shown to improve students' academic performance all across the board. Please help students discover the joy of playing a musical instrument, express themselves, and learn a multitude of life lessons. By contributing toward musical instruments, you will enrich the lives of wonderful students.

Any Amount

Who is going to find the cures for cancer and other diseases? Who will invent the next miracle materials? It may be one of our students but only if they have the science equipment they need to learn. Help ensure that our country and students have a bright future by donating toward school science equipment.

Special Needs Education teachers and therapists require all sorts of resources to ensure that all students get the best possible education. Your contribution will help provide adaptive equipment, rehab equipment and therapy solutions to students need.

Sports Equipment for your Favorite School -

School and Teacher Resources

Any Amount

Without sports equipment, the Sultan of Swing would still be George Herman Ruth, Jr. Students need sports equipment to exercise, to learn team work, to develop social skills, and to compete. Your contribution can make all the difference for deserving students.

Microchip Two Pets - Two permanent IDs

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


To help increase the chances that a lost animal will be recovered, the ASPCA relies on microchip identification. An electronic chip, about the size of a grain of rice and carrying a unique code, is implanted between a pet’s shoulder blades. The code is entered into a database that links up the animal’s family’s address and contact information. Similar to a routine vaccination, this procedure is quick and painless. If a lost animal is brought to a shelter or vet’s office, the facility will use a scanner to check the dog or cat for a microchip. Your gift will allow us to microchip two adoptable animals in our shelter, affording peace of mind for the new pet parents and helping to ensure a speedy return in the event that the animals inadvertently become lost.

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