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Since 1993, Amazon Promise has been taking medical and non-medical volunteers to the Upper Amazon Basin in Peru — one of the most isolated jungle regions in the world. It is here that Amazon Promise has a very special calling, responding to Mestizo and indigenous river communities that request our assistance. Through Amazon Promise, over 35,000 individuals have received urgently-needed medicines, dental care, health services, and health education. For some people, this is the only health care they ever receive. Amazon Promise has plans to construct a full-scale medical clinic in Belén, the most neglected, impoverished region of Iquitos. Promesa de Belén will provide comprehensive medical and dental care, health education, and social services for the 8500 inhabitants of the Zona Baja region and neighboring communities of Belén. In an effort to achieve longterm sustainability, the clinic will serve as a training facility for village Health Promoters to enable them to provide medical care in the absence of visiting medical teams.


To give essential medical care and attention that alleviates suffering, saves lives, and inspires hope in all concerned


Since 1993 we have conducted routine, volunteer-based medical outreach, local training and education in 32 remote jungle villages.


Each year, Amazon Promise organizes over six expeditions with varying timeframes and locations. Each expedition typically hosts four to ten medical and non-medical volunteers that work alongside Peruvian staff.

·One-Week Expeditions: Volunteers staff full-day clinics in one of the poorest sections of Iquitos — the floating city of Belèn — and the port area of Masusa. Volunteers may also conduct Canoe Calls (house calls) to reach extremely ill patients.

·Two-Week Expeditions: Volunteers staff full-day clinics in remote jungle areas. Based at a central location, volunteers visit a different village each day to provide medical care and health education. Outreach efforts are concentrated along the Yarapa, Ucayali, Corrientes, Pastaza, Huasaga, and Manchari rivers.

·Four-Week Expeditions (Healthcare Internship): Medical, nursing, public health, and physician assistant students assist in staffing clinics in one of the poorest sections of Iquitos — the floating city of Belèn — and conduct Canoe Calls (house calls). For the second two weeks, students join a scheduled two-week expedition in remote jungle areas.

Amazon Promise volunteers also gain invaluable knowledge of local culture and traditions. They may work side by side with a local shaman to learn about medicinal plants and traditional healing practices that have served these communities for hundreds of years.

Soy Capaz is the name of Amazon Promise's new HIV/AIDS prevention, education and care program. Soy Capaz sends a strong, encouraging message to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Upper Amazon Basin of Peru. The whole motto - "Soy Capaz de protegerme de VIH/SIDA" and "Somos capaces de protegernos" (I/we can protect myself/ourselves from HIV/AIDS) empowers each and every person to actively take charge of his or her life and share responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the whole community.


Through Amazon Promise, over 35,000 individuals have received urgently-needed medicines, dental care, health services, and health education.

Goals This Year

Amazon Promise currently facilitates multiple medical outreach programs annually. In 2008 six remote clinics are planned.

Amazon Promise is expanding its health-care delivery in Peru with plans to build Promesa de Belén, a fully operational, 6000-square-foot clinic that will serve the needy community of Belén. The local government has donated the land we need; we're now actively working with an architect and pursuing funds for construction.


Amazon Promise founder and president Patty Webster has been dedicated to the health of the Peruvian people for the past 15 years. Patty is the managing field coordinator for Promise Expeditions. She lives in Iquitos, Peru.


Patricia Webster, President
Abigail Mithoefer, Vice President
Melonie Rockwell, Medical Director
Jacqueline Carroll, Treasurer
Cheryle Palmer, Secretary
Kristina Server, Fundraising and External Affairs




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