Bishwa Seva Foundation


Bishwa Seva Foundation is a volunteer based grass roots organization. Our volunteer outreach, serves the community in San Diego with music and meditation and funds collected along with our sponsor base, helps education children in Nepal along with other developmental projects.


The purposes of the Bishwa Seva Foundation is to raise funds and distribute and provide funds for the basic needs of human survival in developing and underprivileged countries through provision of food, clothing, shelter, jobs and education.


Bishwa Seva Foundation was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2009. When people started to donate money at the community meditation classes, the money was used to educate children. We started with 5 children and as of 2019, the number rose to 57.

In 2020 we are expanding our projects to create community developmental programs in Nepal.

All this has been possible with volunteer community support in the San Diego region and beyond and without any paid staff.


Mission Educate: A program created to educate orphaned and economically challenged children.

Kids Kitchen: A program create to provide meals to the children in the Mission Educate program.

We are in the process of launching vocational and agricultural research programs.


Every year since 2010, we have children graduating from the 10th grade. These children would not have had the opportunity to go to a good school and take a step towards a secure future. Most if not all children comes from families who have never been to school and have only worked as agricultural day workers. In Nepal, it is difficult to get a job with out graduating from the 10th grade. This is the opportunity the Bishwa Seva Foundation provides.

For the next 5 years, we are creating programs to directly influence the community by launching our community development programs addressing agriculture, science and research.

Goals this year

Due to Covid -19, our goal for 2020 is just to provide the education for the existing children as we continue to provide food for people in Panauti, Nepal affected by the shut downs.

Chief Executives

Deep Deoja: Founder and president of Bishwa Seva Foundation.

Board Members

Deep Deoja

Amber Deoja

Marjorie Linglet

Sylvia Aurora

Sadikchhaya Khatiwada





San Diego, CA

Panauti, Nepal


Bishwa Seva Foundation

P. O. Box 703,

Oceanside, CA 92049


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