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We have four programs that serve children and utilize family volunteers of all ages which include Care Pack, Juggling Life, Children for Charity, and Cultural Education 4 Kids.


Blossom is committed to making a difference of understanding, compassion, and empathy
by creating volunteer opportunities for the participation of all children. We encourage children to become proactive, empowered, and engaged members of our communities. Our diverse programs are dedicated to involving, serving, educating, and promoting the untapped resource of our collective national treasure—children.


We were founded in April of 2005 by Michele Rodriguez and Elizabeth Cregan in order to create empowering volunteer opportunities for children that have a direct impact on disadvantaged, chronically ill, and terminally ill youth. We believe all children deserve the opportunities to empower themselves through their actions and that good acts and volunteering allow all children to help goodness blossom within themselves and within the world around them.


Care Pack provides children entering foster care with a duffel bag filled with brand new items at this critical time and raises awareness of the needs of children in foster care through the annual Family Volunteer Day event.

Cultural Education 4 Kids brings an interactive cultural reading lesson to children in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade with no cost to the school. It provides each child with a book that promotes an early love of reading and introduces children to service learning by having them complete a project that is donated to a group in the community.

Children for Charity encourages children to become active volunteers where they make a difference in local, national, and global communities.
Yearly Volunteer Initiatives include;
The Pencil Project
Random Acts of Kindness Week
Family Volunteer Day
Animal Advocates
Kids Compete 4 Kids

Juggling Life Teaches juggling to terminally ill, chronically ill, and disadvantaged children, empowers children by having them use new skills to volunteer and raise funds for their cause through performance, and forges partnerships with many nonprofits including Fresh Air Fund, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Ronald McDonald House.


To date we have created and distributed over 1,000 Care Packs to children in foster care and after November of 2008 we will have engaged over 1,000 family volunteers through the Care Pack program alone. Case workers have reported back that the impact of receiving our Care Packs is tremendous for the children they serve. We have also raised awareness about the current need for foster and adoptive parents in our state through speakers and pamphlets available at our annual participation in Family Volunteer Day.

Juggling Life has gotten nothing but accolades from the organizations it has partnered with. They have taught and entertained hundreds of disadvantaged, chronically ill, and terminally ill children how to juggle and have then empowered them through performances which served to fund causes they care about.

Children for Charity has empowered hundreds of children through the various community service opportunities offered to children of all ages. Through our annual Think Tank children voice their opinions about their good deeds and talk about what they'd like to do in the future and the impact their works have had. We have also introduced a Jr. Director to our Board of Directors to further allow children to have a voice in the overall organization's goals and mission.

Cultural Education 4 Kids has distributed over 500 books directly into the hands of young children but more importantly it has taught the important lessons found within the books we choose. This program also incorporated service learning by asking the children to give back through an art project that is donated to a local organization or group.


Beyond our individual program goals our organization has a larger goal to establish easy program replication and Blossom affiliation for interested individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations to allow for the national and international growth of Blossom.

Chief Executive

Allison Sullivan


Michele Rodriguez, Founder/Executive Director

Allison Sullivan, President
Art Director, Kate Boylston

Elizabeth Cregan, Vice President, Cultural Education 4 Kids Director
Teacher, Brielle, NJ

Peggy Rogers, Treasurer
Community Leader

Joyce Amato, Secretary
Vice President, CMM Construction

Isobella Rodriguez, Junior Director
Manasquan Elementary School, Student

Courtney Kritch, Director
Internal Banking Specialist, Merrill Lynch

Georgiana Sutphen, Director
Clinical Trial Manager, AlcheraBio

Gail Levenelm, Director
Technical Director, Onco Inc.

Stephanie Federici, Director
Community Leader

Lou DeLauro, Juggling Life Director
Teacher, Dunellen, NJ


United States


New Jersey


PO BOX 421

MANASQUAN, NJ 08736-0421

Phone: (732) 722-7240

EIN: 73-1735091

Support Education

100 pencils for youth

Blossom International Inc

Regular price $5.00

Provide 100 pencils to children in an impoverished area.

Sponsor an Event

One volunteer project

Blossom International Inc

Regular price $25.00

A donation of $25.00 provides the ability for the young volunteers to purchase supplies they need for their community service project. For example, for the Culture Taking, Charm Making volunteer opportunity $25.00 would allow us to purchase the beads and materials needed to create the charm necklaces that were donated to a charity in England.

Help a Foster Child

One Care Pack

Blossom International Inc

Regular price $12.00

This gift will provide a child in foster care a duffel bag filled with brand new items which includes at least six items that range from socks, sweatshirts, games, coloring book and crayons, CD player and CD (with batteries), stuffed animal, doll, deodorant, toothbrush, and more.

Promote Literacy

20 books for children

Blossom International Inc

Regular price $60.00

This gift will provide an entire classroom with books that will educate them on cultural diversity issues. These books are distributed directly to the children and they are theirs to keep. Along with that book comes an teaching lesson about the book and a discussion about cultural issues the book address. Books that we have offered in the past include Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold...