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Jordan River Village is Israel's only free, overnight, year-round, camp for children living with serious illnesses and disabilities.


The Friends of Jordan River Village envisions a world where children of all backgrounds, living with serious illnesses in the Middle East, can reach beyond their medical conditions to experience the fun and healing benefits of camp, which are provided free of charge at the Jordan River Village in Israel.


This unique endeavor was a dream of its founders Murray and Marilyn Grant (z"l), and spearheaded by Chaim Topol and Sara Lahat. After years of fundraising efforts with international and Israeli donors and foundations, and working with the Israeli government, the Jordan River Village opened in August 2011.


Through multi-day overnight camping experiences, the Village helps our campers thrive physically and emotionally in a fun, supportive atmosphere. The Village is a place where seriously ill children can celebrate life — reaching beyond illness to discover joy and confidence while creating lifetime memories. For many, the camp experience is one of the happiest moments of their lives.


Since opening, the Village has changed the lives of more than 10,000 campers. A study by the Yale School of Medicine supports that experiences at camps like Jordan River Village strongly affect a sick child’s recovery. Our campers have improved confidence, higher self-esteem, lower illness-related stress, a greater sense of independence, and increased interest in social activities. In addition, the entire family’s emotional well-being is enhanced by the effects of a camper’s experiences.

Goals This Year

This year, we seek to welcome 1,700 campers in 39 camp sessions.


Claude Bernstein, AFJRV Chairman

Gail Androphy, AFJRV Executive Director

Chaim Topol, JRV Chairman

Yuval Halamis, JRV Chief Executive Office


Claude Bernstein, Tody Deutsch, Sara Lahat, Yvette Lowenthal Mulderry, Avishay Nachon, Kayla Niles, Neil Ruben, Michelle Schwartz, Elaine Shay, William Weitzer


US, Israel


Gail Androphy

Executive Director

American Friends of Jordan River Village Foundation

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