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Jiamini gives holistic support to talented children most likely to be left behind by poverty. The barriers facing our students are significant but not insurmountable. Jiamini enables students to graduate, provide for their families, enrich their communities and change their nation. We aim to make a sustainable, lasting impact on our community, through empowering youth, improving educational facilities and delivering future leaders.


Empower youth through education to create their own success and break the cycle of extreme poverty in Tanzania.


Jiamini was founded by us, four friends who recognized an easy way to have a profound effect on a community in need. Education is the foundation of independence. Just one educated child can move an entire family out of poverty an impact that can ultimately change a nation.

We founded Jiamini when we met a few students who were ardently dedicated to getting an education but who were going to be expelled for not paying their school fees. After realizing that these fees, which could lead to education and employment in place of illiteracy and poverty, were small by our standards, we knew that our friends would join us in taking action to change students' lives and ultimately the lives of their families.


Jiamini is a grassroots organization working in close partnership with the local community. The directors work as volunteers, meaning 100% of donations and grants go directly to supporting our students and implementing our programs on the ground, including administration from two full-time team members in Newala.

Together with public schools and teachers, district officials, hospital staff, and the local community, we identify children at risk of falling through the cracks of the education system due to poverty, illness, learning difficulties, or lack of adult support. Our public school partnerships include interventions to elevate the education offered to all students in the area. The majority of our partner schools are in Newala. Some of our students are accepted to boarding schools outside Newala, and we pay them regular visits, generally semiannually, depending on the distance.

Our interventions offer holistic support for every part of our students' lives, including social support, domestic support, health advocacy and nutrition. We also provide safe living environment ensuring students are able to learn at their best. We support each of our students through the natural completion of her/his own path, be it college, university, or vocational training. These customized pathways ensure every student has the opportunity to realize her/his full potential.


In 2019 Jiamini is supporting 127 students with different scholarship: 72 girls and 55 boys.

We also supported 38 families with food and nutrition, delivering 1190 KGs of food.

We brought 619 school books to our students

We organized 2400 computer classes serving 60 kids, 780 literacy classes reaching 199 students and 402 tutoring classes for primary school students.

Goals this year

1) Supporting more students with scholarships than ever and supporting them better, not only in school and financially, but also with nutrition and life skills, e.g. with tutoring and girls empowerment seminars.

2) Increasing the reach and quality of our literacy classes program

3) Increasing the support for our high school graduates, with vocational training and tutoring work for Jiamini as option to earn the needed funds

4) Increasing the number of computer classes organized in Newala.

Board Members

Katie Hunt-Morr: Co-founder, Operations Director

Katie oversees all Jiamini operations. Her career is aimed at helping companies to integrate sustainability for people and the environment at the heart of their activities. She is currently Director Community for Virgin Unite in New York. Previously, she was Media Director for Reuters Australia.

Thomas Faber: Program Manager

Thomas has been Program Manager for Jiamini in Newala since late 2016. Prior to that he worked for over a year as fundraising manager for a school in Arusha, Tanzania. Thomas studied political science in Amsterdam and South Africa, and obtained his Master's degree with research into the impact of education on economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to his arrival in Tanzania, Thomas worked in banking in the Netherlands and did projects in Rwanda and Nigeria.


Brad Bennett: Co-founder, Financial Director, USA

Jennifer Harding: Co-founder, USA

Katie Hunt-Morr: Co-founder, Operations Director, USA

Elizabeth Ranson: Director of Special Projects, USA

Heri Mwasekaga: Board Member, Tanzania

Martin Achiula: Board Member, Tanzania


USA, Tanzania


Jiamini, Inc

1192 Park Avenue #11C

New York, NY 10128




+1 646 703 1801

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