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Support A Teacher

Support A Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $60.00

For $60, enable Teach For America corps members to reach an additional public school student.

Spread the Magic

Books for afterschool

First Book

Regular price $180.00

Your gift will bring brand new books directly to afterschool programs that support children's literacy and education.

Spread Education

Programs for children

Global Fund for Children

Regular price $40.00

The Global Fund for Children seeks out educational organizations that are helping children learn despite all obstacles—and that are achieving results. We search for the most creative and successful methods to help children around the world receive a quality education. Your gift will support innovative programs that turn boats into schoolhouses or that hold classes on train platforms and by garbage dumps, where many children...

Sponsor a Teacher

One Month Salary

Better Future International

Regular price $200.00

Your gift ($200) will provide the salary of a teacher for one month. There are great advantages of receiving a quality education; our children will have an opportunity to create a better future for them selves.

Sponsor A Teacher

Sponsor A Teacher

Teach For America

Regular price $5,000.00

Your gift of $5,000 sponsors a teacher and helps Teach For America to recruit, select, train, and support an additional corps member.

Sponsor A Child

Boarding school fees

Kupenda for the Children

Regular price $200.00

Your sponsorship will pay the boarding school fees of a child in need in Kenya. You can learn more and browse child profiles at: http://sponsors.kupenda.org/children/

School Uniform

Send a child to school

GO Campaign

Regular price $9.00

Buy a mandatory school uniform for an orphan in Cambodia, because without it they can’t go to school.

School Package

School clothes

Better Future International

Regular price $75.00

A critical part of Casa Ana's mission is for orphans to be educated and make educational progress in their own communities. Your donation will provide a school package for a year for an orphan in Dominican Republic. Supplies are not given all at once, but distributed as the need arises and children grow out of shoes, etc. The package is expected to include: 1 uniform...

School Materials

Backpack of supplies

Youth Speak Collective

Regular price $60.00

This will provide a high school aged youth with a backpack full of school supplies. These supplies will include 3 ring binders, pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, notecards, calculator, dictionary, ruler, erasers, highlighters, weekly school planner and backpack.

Save a Bonded Girl

One year of school

Nepal Youth Foundation

Regular price $100.00

This gift will rescue a girl in Nepal from a childhood spent in virtual slavery as a servant in a house or a dishwasher in a tea shop, far from home. In addition to protecting her human rights, your gift will enable her come home to live with her family and pay for her to attend school for one year, probably for the first time....

Renovate a school

for orphans

Better Future International

Regular price $1,000.00

With 1000 USD Casa Ana will build a new classroom in our community center which is in Azua, Dominican Republic. Casa Ana was a simple home, which has been converted to a classroom/ community center. With additional funds it can be remodeled to serve more children, more effectively. With areas for computers, library/reading center, art area.

Reduce Child Labor

School scholarship

Winrock International

Regular price $150.00

Your gift will provide an educational scholarship for a child and a small loan to help offset the cost of his or her labor for the parent or guardian. The child will be enrolled in a formal school. The loan will be used to improve the family enterprise and will be paid back to the school to cover tuition costs over a three-year period.

Publish writing

2 Student Anthologies

Writers In The Schools

Regular price $15.00

This gift will provide a required match for classroom anthologies for two students. WITS anthologies showcase the original stories and poems of children written over during a yearlong program that develops strong writing, thinking, and speaking skills to prepare children for a challenging world.

Public Involvement

1,000 postcards

Public Policy And Education Fund

Regular price $100.00

Our influence comes from parents, students, and other concerned people speaking out on behalf of New York’s schools. Your gift will pay for the Alliance for Quality Education to print one thousand postcards for people to send in support of public education. Your gift will support our successful work to win funding to reduce class size, expand pre-kindergarten, and provide essential education services for millions...

Provide Resources

One day collaboration

College Summit

Regular price $100.00

Send trained College Summit staff to work in a school for one day with Counselors and teachers to build the college-going culture, share practices from other schools, review results, and strategize. With the help of innovative partners, College Summit shares valuable tools with all partner high schools including a scorecard that helps measure incremental and long term metrics of success. Building strong partnerships means that...

Promote Literacy

20 books for children

Blossom International Inc

Regular price $60.00

This gift will provide an entire classroom with books that will educate them on cultural diversity issues. These books are distributed directly to the children and they are theirs to keep. Along with that book comes an teaching lesson about the book and a discussion about cultural issues the book address. Books that we have offered in the past include Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold...

Promote Literacy

1 book for library

New Community For Children, Inc.

Regular price $15.00

Your gift will provide help build a library that will help adolescents gain knowledge and exposure to the wide-range human experiences that can define a person's life.

Promote Literacy

Selection of Books

In A Perfect World Foundation

Regular price $35.00

This gift will provide a selection of books & accompanying books on CD for an under-served classroom. The more exposure children have to quality literature, the richer their lives will be. Your help will be an invaluable gift!

Print Curriculum

Raise Awareness

Mangrove Action Project

Regular price $50.00

A $50 donation can be used to print one copy of MAP's 300 page Mangrove Curriculum for distribution in the primary schools participating in the program with MAP within the countries containing mangroves.

Print an anthology

Anthology for each kid

Writers In The Schools

Regular price $150.00

This gift will provide student anthologies to an entire classroom. Students will gain confidence seeing their poems and essays in a published body of work.