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50 Million Trees for Our Forests

50 Million Trees for Our Forests

Thank you for your tremendous generosity. If you plan to pay with PayPal, please note that the limit for an order is $5000. If you will pay with a credit or debit card, the limit is whatever your card issuer allows.

The Problem

When you hear about deforestation, faraway places like Amazon rainforest come to mind. Right here in the United States, National Forests lose their tree cover at an alarming rate too. Catastrophic wildfire, destructive insects, and devastating disease wreak havoc on America's National Forests. Today, 1.1 million acres (that's almost twice as much as the state of Rhode Island) need reforestation help. On Earth Day 2018, we committed to planting 50 million trees across our country's National Forests by 2023. Join us, plant a tree, and grow a forest. Learn more at

The Gift

Your timeless gift of trees will make a difference for our country's National Forests. Each dollar plants a native tree on these treasured landscapes. Every tree planted will help ensure these wild places in your backyard stay healthy and thrive for many generations to come!